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Dr. Kapoor’s level of commitment to caring for her community is no mirage. Her determination to meet and exceed her own high standards of individualized, patient-focused dental care is why Mirage Family Dentistry exists today. Our patients are people, not just mouths full of teeth.

How do we pay it forward?

“The child is both a hope and promise for mankind.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Each New Patient = $1.00 to Help Local Kids

Mirage Family Dentistry is proud to partner with the Hampton Roads International Montessori School in Newport News. Every time a new patient joins our dental family, we donate $1.00 to HRIMS.

Montessori schools have existed for over 100 years. A child-centered teaching philosophy, Montessori students are free to choose within limits of appropriate responsibility while following a guided curriculum that teaches for understanding and encourages confidence and critical thinking, not just acquisition and memorization of facts. Children are encouraged to cooperate, respect and celebrate each other as well as taking care of themselves, others, and their environment. Students of HRIMS are encouraged to serve others locally and globally from the earliest level of their Montessori education, as it is a core value of the philosophy.

How will continue our involvement with HRIMS?
Dr. Kapoor and Mirage Family Dentistry will be sharing our skills and education with HRIMS in the future. Please return to this page to check for updates.

What do our donations do for HRIMS?

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Program Expansion
  • Playscape Development & Maintenance
  • Physical & Programmatic Enhancements & Enrichment

Hampton Roads International Montessori School Logo

To learn more about Hampton Roads International Montessori School, visit their website here.

Caring about your health helps local kids

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135 Grafton Station Lane, Suite B-C,
Yorktown, VA 23692
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